Nude and Porn Modeling Application

To apply, email the answers to the questions below to




Your responses to all of the sections below, including your photos, are necessary when Casting Directors are choosing performers. This questionnaire will not be seen by anyone outside of Adult Entertainment Casting, but will serve as a guide when considering models.

Stage Name (if you have one) :
First name:
Last name:
Email address:
Phone number:
Date of Birth (required) Format: MM/DD/YYYY
Gender? Male / Female
Weight (lbs):

Which of the following do you consider yourself primarily?
straight; bisexual; gay; lesbian; bi-curious

PART 2: performance details

The following represent acts common in adult entertainment. Please place an “X” at the beginning (in front) of any item only if you are certain that you are comfortable about performing that activity in front of a camera.

Would you be willing to…

– kiss a male partner
– kiss a female partner
– perform oral sex on a male partner
– receive oral sex from a male partner
– perform oral sex on a female partner
– receive oral sex from a female partner
– give vaginal penetration to a female partner
– receive vaginal penetration from a male partner
– rim a male partner
– receive rimming from a male partner
– rim a female partner
– receive rimming from a female partner
– give anal penetration to a male partner (“top”)
– receive anal penetration from a male partner (“bottom”)
– give anal penetration to a female partner
– perform in a group scene with all male partners
– perform in a group scene with all female partners (3-way, Orgy)
– perform in a “Bi” scene with 1 male and 1 female partner
– swap cum with a male partner
– swap cum with female partner
– swallow cum
– give cum facial to male partner
– receive cum facial from male partner
– masturbate yourself
– perform squirting
– perform double anal penetration with another male to a male partner
– receive double anal penetration from two male partners
– perform double anal penetration with another male to a female partner
– perform double vaginal penetration with another male to a female partner
– receive double vaginal penetration
– perform with toys (dildo, anal beads, FleshlightTM, etc.)
– perform with a She-male partner
– perform Bondage, S&M play, Extreme sex

– Any additional comments? Please also describe the things you really would ENJOY doing in front of the camera (we sometimes receive requests for types of adult video and/or photo work not listed on our casting page):

PART 3: additional info
Describe any “special” sex talent you may have (for example: can blow myself, can fuck myself, cum multiple times, far shooter, etc.):

Provide names of previous adult entertainment companies (if any) that you have worked with. Include dates:

Personal web page with more info about you (Facebook, etc). Enter a full web address including http:// at the beginning:

PART 4: photos and videos

Here are some examples of what we’d like to see when you apply. Photos of yourself are required, and video(s) are highly recommended. See below for examples of both photos and videos.

PRIVACY NOTE: Your photos and videos will remain confidential. We are required by law to obtain written signatures and acknowledgments for model release of any photos and videos before they are posted for any reason — we do not require any such signatures at this stage, and therefore, rest assured, that whatever you submit with your application will NEVER be used for ANYTHING outside of simple consideration for modeling.


When you take your photos of yourself, it’s not necessary to make them look professional! But what *is* important is that you make sure that they are clearly showing your body… we care a lot about what your body looks like — afterall, that’s the nature of this business! Here are some examples of the styles of photos we like to see best. Don’t worry about taking perfect pictures, sometimes just standing in front of the mirror to take a photo of yourself works best!


Make your video any way you’d like! Get creative! Show your stuff and be sexy about it. Ultimately, you want to “tease” your audience and turn them on. How you do that is up to you. Make sure that, at a minimum, you show your face so we know it’s you, and that you get fully naked and turned on. If you have any questions about what to do in your video, ask us!

You’ll need to have a device that can capture digital movies—this could be a camcorder, digital camera, or even your cell phone! You copy the movies to your computer, and then you can either upload them as-is with your model application or edit them with software such as iMovie (for Mac) or Windows Movie Maker (for Windows). If the video is more than 15 megabytes (MB), then you will want to email us first and we will let you know an alternate way to send your large file to us (we have a very easy way to recommend!).

To send your photos and/or videos: Attach them to the email you send us with the questions above.

IMPORTANT: If you submit an application without all the required photos, your application may not be accepted and may be rejected automatically. Please follow directions completely. Before sending your photos, you should be certain your photos are good enough quality for us to evaluate your physical appearance easily. If possible, have someone else take your photos. It’s usually best to take several shots of each pose and choose the best examples.

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